Auto deploy from Travis CI

07 August 2016 — Written by eneim

TL,DR: I added my blog to Travis CI so every time I push something new to master branch of my blog repo, it will automatically generate and deploy my blog.

Why CI, Why?

Why not?

Well, this morning when I was in the train going far away from home (to the next station, actually), I would like to post something fun to my new blog. But hey, I don't have my PC connected to the Internet, and if I really want to, I need to tether from my iPhone, which is not something cool. So I thought of how about something that help me to deploy the post after I push it to the repo. So that I can simply post new stuff just from my iPhone.

Well (again), it turns out to be easily done by setting up a CI (Continuous Integration) server, where Travis CI is one of the most famous. And most important, when I tried a Google search about it, this tutorial comes to (almost) top. So here I have my blog setup, and after I push this post to the air, I don't have to run the boring hexo deploy command again.

Just that. Have fun blogging folks.

P/S: This post is actually created to test the CI.