A New Challenge

05 August 2016 — Written by eneim

New Challenge

So it has been couple days since I moved on. I wanted to have/create my own tech/stuff blog for quite a long time, and in many times actually. But neither my schedule allowed me to do that, nor I myself had enough enthusiastic to do that.

But then, I move on, and at the time I'm writing typing this post, I turned 27. I have never considered a single day to be more special than others, including my own birthday. But of course, it is still something that Facebook notifies me when the time comes. So I decide to make a TODO list.

And the first item comes to my mind, is to have a not-bad-done blog, which should be a log catching my thought everyday and saving my process for times.

So here it is, after all this time.

Hello World! one more time.